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This blog has been made possible with the help or my tech savvy friend of several years and Air Force bases. When she asked me about including an “about you” section, I have to be honest, I wasn’t too excited. Talking about myself has always been hard for me–I’d much rather talk about, well, anything else! But writing this introduction has confirmed what I love so much about photography; it gets to be about something else, someone else…YOU!

Photography has always held my interest. My first experience with a camera was in middle school in an actual dark room, something I’d love to try again. After college, I answered the request from a professional photographer for submissions from cameras made out of oatmeal canisters! After getting married and moving to Oklahoma, I finally got out my camera again and photographed some horses near our home. A few years after that, I had my first son–one of my favorite subjects! It seems I’ve always come back to a camera.

These days I’m photographing the beautiful Alaska landscapes, my two sons, some amazingly talented Alaska musicians, and wonderful families. I enjoy meeting you all, talking with you, and more often than not, finding some connection with you through my Air Force wife resume. My hope is to give you photographs that you will love to look back upon. I enjoy hearing that I have captured your loved one’s personality in a photo, or see you smile at a special moment you didn’t know was being photographed. Take a look around and enjoy! I hope you like these photographs as much as I loved taking them.

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